Investment in the Cannabis industry

Investing in the cannabis industry in Australia offers one in a life time opportunity to enter into an internationally recognized industry. 

Current market trends in Canada and USA relating to the growth of the cannabis industry, specifically medicinal cannabis, are significant. Based on leading international academic research and aligned with people, planet, profits as a form of sustainability, MOCA offers solid investment opportunities. 

Our intentions and plans are orientated around developing sustainable high density cultivation spaces utilising a collection of indoor growing systems. Our key focus will be on developing organic cannabis for the medicinal industry in Australia and internationally. 

  • At MOCA we envisage that the international demand for medicinal cannabis will be expansive and we will focus on supplying a national and international demand.
  • MOCA is currently progressing with the cultivation, production, research, export and import licences in the Australian market place. 
  • MOCA is engaging key global research leaders.
  • MOCA is partnering with global market leaders. Our approach involves a combination of hydroponics, aquaponics and indoor soil based environments.