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Sydney based medicinal cannabis company Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA) is set to revolutionise the Australian medical cannabis industry

Working directly with organic cannabis cultivators in the Mediterranean, Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia [MOCA] has developed a product range that could reduce prices of medical cannabis by over thirty percent.

After 3 years of product research and development with a world class cannabis research team, MOCA is now ready to import its expanded range into Australia. The Company has developed a ‘whole plant’ CBD medicine that aims to set new industry benchmarks, making organic medicine much more affordable than even non-organic products.

Investment in Cannabis & Marijuana Industry

It’s no big secret that cannabis stocks and investments are the big news in town. Given the number of countries that have legalized cannabis in either medical or recreational form. A range of market analysts suggest that the market could exceed $150 billion in the next decade and become a $500 billion industry.

Cannabis or marijuana as it is also know has been used for many thousands of years as a source of medicine and as a form of relaxation. The plant disappeared from pharmacopoeia about 80 years ago and that is another story in itself.

Over the last few decades, cannabis legislation has changed dramatically and is considered a medicine and an extremely important medicine at that. It is legal in over 30 countries and as a form of recreation, is legal in Canada, Uruguay and a few other countries including several States in the US.

Marijuana and Hemp come from the Cannabis plant and are differentiated by the fact that hemp has very low levels of the psychoactive compound known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

We are currently promoting Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA) as a cannabis wholesaler emerging in international cannabis investment.

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American marijuana companies are hiring and the wages are high.

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After a prohibition that in the USA began in the 1920s, countries all over the world are considering the legalization of cannabis for its healing properties and as a way to deal with its increased consumption.

The Canopy-Acreage Deal Suggests That The Federal Marijuana Legalisation Is Coming

Currently all discussions related to job growth in the U.S. focus on industries such as health care and technology. However, the biggest boom may be happening in the legal marijuana sector.

Even though cannabis use in some form is not legal in all of the American states (33 states for medical use and 10 states for recreational use), this blooming industry is among the fastest-growing job markets in America. According to cannabis information hub Leafly’s 2019 Cannabis Jobs Count, cannabis directly and indirectly employs almost than 300,000 full-time workers in the U.S.

No wonder cannabis is now seen as “America’s hidden job boom.” Read More

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At times it is fundamental to read between the lines. Particularly when it is reported that Canopy Growth, the largest Canadian cannabis company in the world, enters into a multi-billion dollar deal with a well-known American cannabis company.

The deal is set to take effect only after the US government revokes the current marijuana prohibition to make it legal federally.

In this light, it is hard not to consider the something big is boiling. Is it possible that someone knows something and that maybe, just maybe we are now close than ever to living in a time when marijuana is a commodity taxed and regulated in a manner similar to tobacco and alcohol? Read More

American marijuana companies are hiring and the wages are high

Almost all American states have legalized medical or recreational cannabis and small businesses are emerging in each one. According to Liesl Bernard, chief executive of the California-based executive search and staffing firm CannabizTeam, companies in this booming industry are hiring for a broad range of areas including retail, manufacturing, logistics, product development, cultivation, and sales and marketing.“The job opportunities are really endless,” Bernard said. Read More

Investing in the Cannabis industry offers a huge opportunity to capitalize on an emerging medicine and future recreational product

While Australia’s medical marijuana industry has grown at an astonishing rate, many investors still view the market as an investment that’s too high risk to be worth taking

American colleges are creating cannabis courses

American Colleges are launching cannabis-centric courses to train the next generation of industry leaders.

Over a decade ago, when the state of Michigan was considering legalising marijuana for medicinal purposes, officials at Northern Michigan University asked faculty to come up with “futuristic leading-edge academic majors.”

The result is that students from around the country can now enroll in a medicinal chemistry program that specializes in marijuana, which has grown to 230 students in just two years. The program provides a background in analytical chemistry and botany, then students choose an bio-analytical track or entrepreneurial. Read More

Cannabis Use Worldwide

Marijuana Use Statistics indicate that The United Nations report there are 158.8 million marijuana users around the world. These marijuana usage statistics roughly translates to over 3.8% of the world’s population. In 2017, one in seven adult US citizens was reported to use marijuana.

Overall, smoking marijuana continued to be the most popular way to enjoy its effects while vaping and edibles were the preferred way of consumption in marijuana-legal states.

In 2018, marijuana was the most used illicit drug in the country. Read More

Founded in the mid 1960's has grown to become the largest privately owned online wholesale marketplace for world class organic marijuana products.

In Florida, You Can Purchase Cannabis Through a Drive-Thru

US state of Florida has its own drive-thru dispensary. Actually it has a few of them.

Curaleaf opened its 23rd brand new dispensary drive-thru marijuana dispensary in the state a few weeks ago, its 43rd in the country.The company currently has the largest number of dispensaries in the United States and the newest drive-thru is located near the Miami International Airport. Read More

Is Legal Marijuana negatively affecting Beer Sales in the US or helping Them?

The cannabis industry has convinced Americans that legal marijuana is not only a creator of hundreds of thousands of jobs and a rescuer for local economies but that it also has the power to extinguish all of the competitors within the inebriation market. Its archenemy in this mission to contribute to the un-sobering of America is none other than the alcohol industry.

There is such animosity reverberating throughout the marijuana community over the fact that alcohol is legal and widely accepted while the cannabis plant that is safer than a drink, is difficult terrain to navigate. Read More