Australian Cannabis Industry Leaders

The booming cannabis industry in Australia is bringing to light emerging cannabis leaders. Entering into the marketplace in 2016 upon the legislation changes which gave birth to the cannabis industry in Australia, is serial entrepreneur and international businessman, Alessandro Sorbello.

Many years of developing businesses in Australia and abroad and long term academic research combined to provide the appropriate mix to enter the industry and assemble a powerhouse team. Sorbello, created Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA) Pty Ltd, a fully licensed industry leader specialized in import and export of organic cannabis based products. The company has expanded into New Zealand with research and importation under development. Heading up an international research team with leading academic leaders in cannabis research and development, his team is working on international best practices research to establish cultivation and production standards for the industry.

Working with cannabis experts in 25 countries, the research focuses on bringing to bear the efforts of dozens of years of practical experience to extract the best protocols and practices in manufacturing cannabis medications.

Alessandro set his sights on Italy as an emerging market in 2019 and is now working with cultivators to develop specific CBD strains in the market and is importing Italian grown cannabis products into the companies pharmacy grade facility outside of Sydney.

In Italy, cannabis can be cultivated if the plant has less than .2 percent of the psychoactive component THC. This is a perfect scenario for Italian born Sorbello who is fluent in the language and has lived in Italy for many years.

The requirements for Australian markets and with his industry expertise and influence in the industry is shaping the way cannabis or hemp is grown in the country.

Cannabis Cultivation in Italy for an Australian and International Marketplace

With legalization spreading across the planet and with the United States leading the growth of the industry and establishing a US$80 billion market over the next decade, Sorbello is attracting keen investors from many parts of the world and his imprint in the industry is growing weekly.

In 2019, his company partnered with to boost technical knowledge and distribution networks across the globe. The company now has access to one of the leading sales platforms in the cannabis space.